Will I come over as needy?  Should I just be cool and sit back and wait?  These are the questions that have been buzzing through my head today.

Why?  Well BritMums have announced that the nominations are open for Brilliance in Blogging 2017 awards (or #BiBs2017).  The eight blogs with the most nominations in each category get to go through to the finals.  So I have a choice.  Either I can sit back and hope that people wake up and think “Oh, I must nominate Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays for #BiBs2017 today” or I can ask nicely.  The conclusion that I have reached is; if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

So, without further ado ….. Please would you consider nominating Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays in the Travel and Readers’ Choice categories of the #BiBs2017.  Clicking on the badges below will take you to where you need to go.  There are eleven categories in all but you don’t have to submit a candidate for every category if you don’t want to.

#BiBs2017 nominations
This is what the nomination form looks like, complete with handy hints about filling in the first three boxes!  You are asked why you think I deserve to win and what the URL of  your favourite post of mine is.  I’m sure that you all have your own favourites, but these have been my recent highlights.

MOONLIGHT SKIING AND OTHER ADVENTURES Norway draws us back year after year for Cross Country skiing but this year was special because we ventured out at night.

MUSEE d’ORSAY PHOTO TOUR we went to look at the paintings but were bowled over by the building

CYCLE & CRUISE DOWN THE DANUBE we like to cycle on our summer holidays and last year we decided to combine the bikes with a boat.

BEACHCOMBING AT CLEY NEXT THE SEA as a Norfolk girl, I have yet to travel anywhere that has beaches to beat Norfolk’s the pebbles at Cley offered the perfect opportunity to search for treasure.

BANQUETING HOUSE is the only part of Whitehall Palace still standing and is the Junior CW’s favourite place to visit in London.



  1. May 13, 2017 / 6:54 am

    You already had my vote, I wish I’d waited a day though because you did all the information gathering for me! It takes so much time, doesn’t it? Surely there must be an easier way to run an awards.

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